A good night rest is important to wake up feeling fresh. So think carefully about the purchase of a mattress and let yourself be assisted by specialists. Some people love a soft mattress, others a firm one. In each case it is important that your mattress fits by your body type and that your body becomes correctly supported. We help you with that!



Pocket springs

A mattress of pocket springs is filled with springs that are packed separately in bags of synthetic non-woven material. The bags are attached to each other, so that each spring can move independently of the rest. The different zones (5 or 7) provide proportional support to all parts of the body.

HR schuim

High Resilience foam

High Resilience comfort foam, or cold foam, has an open cell structure that provides good ventilation. The mattress will not feel warm and this prevents the retention of humidity. The HR foam has a high resilience and gives the right amount of counter pressure to the shapes of the body.
cool gel

Visco foam and cool gel

Visco, or memory foam, has pressure-reducing properties and is recommended for people with sensitive joints and muscles. When thousands of small gel particles are added to this foam is this called “cool gel”. This foam is ideally used as an extra layer on a mattress of springs or other foam.
bonnell veren

Bonnell springs

A mattress of Bonnell springs is made out of double conical springs which are interconnected with a steel wire. The lying surface is sturdy and has a long durability. This type of core has very good ventilation properties.

Polyurethane foam

Mattresses of polyurethane have smooth, resilient properties. They are delightfully airy by their big breathing capacity. They are firm, not so heavy, and relatively cheap. Therefore, these mattresses are very suitable as guest mattresses, or for children and young adults.


The core of a latex mattress is composed of a combination of natural and synthetic latex. The mattress is characterized by an exceptionally good adaptability and lasting resilience. All body parts are properly supported. Thanks to the open cell structure, a constant air circulation is ensured.

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