To sleep well and wake up without a stiff neck or shoulders, it is very important to have a pillow of high quality. It has to provide a good support both when you sleep on your back as well as when sleeping on your side. Pick then the right pillow that by your body type fits.




Pillows from 100% hollow siliconized polyester fiber. The treatment against dust mite contains 100% natural and hypo-allergenic components. This treatment prevents the development of dust mite and eliminates them in a sustainable way, also after multiple wash cycles.

ergonomisch hoofdkussen


Ergonomic pillows have a core of latex, of visco memory foam, or of profiled polyurethane foam. An ergonomic pillow distributes the pressure and reduces the pain in the neck and shoulders.


Pillows filled with sheep wool and pine wood shavings from Tyrol. The resin of pine wood has a positive effect on your sleep. It provides a better blood circulation and a reduced heart rate. The smell of the essential oil has a calming effect.

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